May 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Went home to Iloilo to spend quality time with the family. It might be the last time il see my cousin Ne'Yan and her family Jun and Kei before they move permanently to Canada this june.

Visited Baby Lance Maverick in the hospital straight from the airport. Super cute and tiny!!

My daily ritual for the whole week was sleep half of the day, eat indian mangos, peanuts and balot with the twins Dai and Dyan around 4pm then bond with the kids Kei, Bea, Marc and Pete all night long. 
Laidback. Relax. Fun.

Laser lights plus the kids dancing to Shakira. 
Laughtrip Overload.

Dai & Ching
Ne'Yan & Jun


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  1. we will miss you too ching..... i feel like crying na... huhuhu - ne yan