February 26, 2011

We call us GGM

Feb 22 2011 - The  Asia Kitchen/Starbucks - GGM  Get-together

GGM means Gorgeous Green Meadows. Im actually the 'adopted' member since i only stayed in Green Meadows Condo for 3 months. Charo and Marcky wasn't  even staying there anymore when i moved in but they all welcomed me to their beautiful family. It soo heart warming to see how much this friendship has grown into and how we have each other's back.

Ice, Gwen, Edge, Jaja, 
Charo, Marcky, Aj, Ching
They are my 1st family in Singapore and they are God's Gift to Me. 
Thanks you for the wonderful friendship.

Look Post

 Zara Top and Shoes & Mango Bag

February 23, 2011


My current favorite TV couple. (ok, maybe next to Elena-Stefan) 

Caleb!!! *drool*

February 20, 2011

Say Aaaah

Title inspired from Say Aah by Trey Songz

Top given by my Mom. Random White Shorts. Rubi Floral Wedges.

Foursome plus more to celebrate Eco's Birthday at Fifi's. Tears, Laughter, Pizza, Pasta, Chicken, Beer and TFC. Good Times.

 Abby's Animal print tube jumpsuit from Bangkok

 Eco's and Abby's Bday Gift

The Foursome
I love them to pieces