January 28, 2011

Kate Moss

"One of the biggest forms of flattery is knowing that you make someone feel so insecure, because you exist."



Yes, I am insecure but I love her. Sooo much.

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January 25, 2011


28 Dec 2010   〮Deedee's Birthday   〮Khatib

21 Jan 2011   〮Gayi's Birthday   〮Khatib

Its imposible to go their house and not find a Carlsberg in the fridge

It was indeed a HAPPY birthday for the two of my favorite bisaya
Love you gurlies

January 22, 2011

and all that Crabs

20 Jan 2011   ̴ Jumbo Seafood Restaurant    ̴ Team Keeve's Dinner

Jumbo's Cereal Prawns (not in the pic) is to die for. I can seriously eat it everyday. SERIOUS.

Too bad some of our teammates wasn't able to make it but it was soo much fun taking about anything from work to wedding banquet. Hope we can do this more often.  Thanks Keeve!!!

Keeve!! The Super Team Manager!!!

January 20, 2011

Pretty Girl Rock

18Jan2011   ̴ Modesto's Italian Restaurant    ̴ Abby's Birthday


We all forgot our supah cameras so we tried to make the best of the new camera application in our phone (Hipstamatic). FUN. haha. Title inspired from the song Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson.

Our pretty girl Abby


Its was a fun gurly night 'coz Abby, Haydz and I decided to wear something girly. 
I love my dainty look especially my sheer top.

(Skirt and Cream Sheer Top from New Look, Wedges from a bargain stall in Toa Payoh)