April 14, 2011

The Script

April 12 2011 - Fort Canning Park

If there is any word more stronger than LOVE then that is how i feel about The Script. Thank You for making me genuinely happy that night. It was BEYOND.

FYI: The vid audio sucks because my cam's mic is going haywire and sorry for the shaky hands.

April 8, 2011

Friday Slide

Inspired by my Jam 88.3's friday habit. I listed the first 10 favorite songs that came across my mind right this time (2:18am). Click the song name for the Youtube link.

Once in a lifetime by Gregorian
i will definitely play this song on my wedding day :)

Kissing by Bliss
one word: sexy!

Apologize by One Republic 
i just love this song. end of story.

thank you Grey's Anatomy. i can even remember what exact scene it was played. alex karev's.

Rootless Tree by Damien Rice
the most beautiful F*CK You i've ever heard!

 I will never get tired listening to this song.

A Sorta Fairytale by Tori Amos
Funny coz even though i love the song soo much, i honestly dont understand the meaning of it. 

Never say Never by The Fray
I love most of The Fray's song but this one is on top of the list.

Please dont stop the rain by James Morrison
Thank you James Campued for introducing me to James Morrison

At the Stars by Better than Ezra
it was a love at 1st hear

2:29am and my list is done. What do u think about it? I added a few of my thoughts on each song and Il try to post my next 10 favorites soon but only when im in 'the' mood. 

I hope you like my list. 
Whats the 1st 10 favorite songs you can think of?

April 7, 2011

Style Icon: Victoria Beckham

More than her glammed up look, i love her best when she wears it casual. She manages to look elegant and sophisticated even on a jeans and a flip-flops. I LOVE her and her Birkins!!! (Becks reportedly owns 100 of them and worth around ₤1.5M all together!!!)



Here's my top three favorite VB look:




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April 3, 2011

Sabado Nights

What to do on a Saturday Night?


March 26 2011

Dinner at OChre @ Orchard Central


Nothing really special about the food (maybe because we only ordered pizza and pasta) but the place looks soo elegant and a bit of a fine-dinning vibe. 


Sweets overload @ Jewel Artisan Chocolate

Read about this place in my favorite food blog LadyIronChef and since we were craving for sweets and its also located in Orchard Central, we went there straight after dinner. It was HEAVEN.

Grand Cru Hot Chocolate
Cookies and Macarons
Chocolate Gateau
Ice Cream

April 2 2011

Dinner at Raindrops Cafe

Located at the back of *Scape Mall beside Orchard Cineleisure. Its seriously running as my favorite restaurant. We love Italian food and the pasta was just AMAZING!! To die for!!

Mini Cheesy Sausage
Hawaiian Pizza
Mushroom Carbonara
Seafood Pesto

Frozen Flavored Margarita
My Favorite Kronenbourg Blanc Beer

Once Upon a Milk Shake

After a few drinks at Raindrops, we saw this super cute Ice Cream Stall inside *Scape. Three Words: Yum Yum Yummy!