April 8, 2011

Friday Slide

Inspired by my Jam 88.3's friday habit. I listed the first 10 favorite songs that came across my mind right this time (2:18am). Click the song name for the Youtube link.

Once in a lifetime by Gregorian
i will definitely play this song on my wedding day :)

Kissing by Bliss
one word: sexy!

Apologize by One Republic 
i just love this song. end of story.

thank you Grey's Anatomy. i can even remember what exact scene it was played. alex karev's.

Rootless Tree by Damien Rice
the most beautiful F*CK You i've ever heard!

 I will never get tired listening to this song.

A Sorta Fairytale by Tori Amos
Funny coz even though i love the song soo much, i honestly dont understand the meaning of it. 

Never say Never by The Fray
I love most of The Fray's song but this one is on top of the list.

Please dont stop the rain by James Morrison
Thank you James Campued for introducing me to James Morrison

At the Stars by Better than Ezra
it was a love at 1st hear

2:29am and my list is done. What do u think about it? I added a few of my thoughts on each song and Il try to post my next 10 favorites soon but only when im in 'the' mood. 

I hope you like my list. 
Whats the 1st 10 favorite songs you can think of?


  1. Love your list! Ung sakin? its hard to decide! Can I just list down, not my all-time favorites but the top 10 most played song on my ipod right now? hahaha!

    > All this time (One Republic)
    > Hold my breath (Ellie Goulding)
    > It is what it is (Lifehouse)
    > Family Tree (Matthew West)
    > Someone like you (Adele)
    > Long gone and moved on (The Script)
    > May I (Trading yesterday)
    > Science & Faith (The Script)
    > For the first time (The Script)

    That list changes from time to time hehe!

  2. as usual we have the same taste in music. we like the obscure and relatively unknown songs until they become mainstream.

    my first 10 songs i instantly thought of:
    1. science and faith the script
    2. between two lungs florence and the machine
    3. rolling in the deep adele
    4. these days matt white
    5. thinking of you test your reflex
    6. if i aint got you performed lived by maroon 5
    7. just a feeling maroon 5
    8. if i ever feel better phoenix
    9. boston augustana
    10.burning in the skies linkin park


  3. Well wala ako mapost na list kasi di kayo makakarelate. Hehe.

    - Carlo

  4. Abby - Here comes me who is such a top 40-ish! Hahaha!
    Anyways, no particular order to.. No violent reactions ok? Since u asked for it naman.. Haha!

    1. I like it - Enrique Iglesias
    2. F**k You - Cee Lo Green
    3. Coming Home - Diddy - Dirty Money
    4. What the Hell - Avril Lavigne
    5. Fuckin Perfect - Pink
    6. Walk this Way - Aerosmith
    7. Someone Like You (Live Acoustic) - Adele
    8. You and Me - Penny and the Quarters
    9. Angel - Akon
    10. Realize - Colbie Caillat
    11. Dog Days are Over - Florence and the Machine
    12. Marry Me - Train
    13. Falling in Love - Taio Cruz

  5. gurlfriend - yeah for the script!!

    james - one republic, the fray and the script are mainstream naman pero i super loooove them paren. if i ever feel better by phoenix almost made it to my list kaya lang 10 lang eh. hehehe. and i didnt know maroon 5 covered akey's song. :)

    carlo - whaaaahahaha. thanks kasi nag comment ka paren. mwah.

    abbs - hahahaha. Florence and the Machine as part of ur list?!!! awesome!!! ur almost there. hahaha. :D

  6. i love u all for replying!!!! *kisses*

  7. edgeoferic - ako mainstream music
    1. Hummingbird heartbeat - Katy Perry
    2. Soul Sister - The train
    3. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda - Beverly Knight
    4. Someday - Nina
    5. Spoiled - Joss Stone
    6. Peacock - Katy Perry
    7. Cater 2 U - Destiny's Child
    8. I Wanna Grow Old With You - Westlife
    9. Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
    10. I Miss You - Aaliyah

  8. edge!!! kasama paren talaga ung peacock? hahahahahaha. kalurk. LOL.
    joss stone's spoiled - me likey!!!

  9. the live version of if i ain't got you is included in their hands all over deluxe edition album. visit my multiply!

  10. Love your list - especially that you included Better than Ezra "At the Stars" - one of my faves as well :)


  11. wooow. such an honor, an hermes collector visited my blog. thanks. *blush*