May 15, 2011

Royal Addiction

I am addicted to anything 'Royal' and its probably because im a big fan of Judith McNaught when i was in college. I have been following the William-Kate love story even since i heard the news about the break-up way back 2007. I didn't like Kate at first because (i think) she looks mature for her age but because of her gorgeous paparazzi pictures, her stylish-chic style, and her love for Philip Treacy, i turned out to be a super fan. 

I was ecstatic when i first heard about the engagement (i even blogged about being invited to the wedding). 
Its a Judith McNaught Novel come to life. 

Kate Middleton looked STUNNING! 
I was teary eyed when i first saw the dress. After all the speculation, I have always believed it will be Sarah Burton of McQueen who will design it and i was right!! It was a perfect design for Kate and her station in life. Elegant and Timeless. Plus, look at the bouquet, the tiara, the viel, the make up?! Perfection!!

Her 2nd McQueen Dress

Here are my best dressed list (besides Kate of course):

Pippa Middleton (such a revelation)

David & Victoria Beckham (who looks elegant even with her 7-month-old baby bump)

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (Heard a lot of criticism about the dress but i absolutely love it. From head to toe.)

Prince Harry (do i really need to explain? just look!)

...i wish and pray and hope that they will live happily ever after  

but my stalking doesn't end here. Haha.

May 10, 2011

Holy Week 2011

Mama and her friends organized a simple impromptu reunion dinner thursday night (21st April) in our garage because most of the 'LIVEWIRE oldies' was back in town for the holy week. It was good catching up with old friends and neighbors.

The Oldies :)

Woke up very early the next day to reflect/pray the stations of the cross climbing the Agony Hill. Its actually located in our town and the 1st time i climbed it was 10 years ago. Its only my 2nd time to experience it and i must say, it does look different, its more crowded, its has an easier route (but still very tiring) and an easier way down (but still very steep). 

As part of the family's holy week ritual, even if my legs hurt from the Agony Hill experience, i still joined the good friday procession late that afternoon and patiently wait for our turn (coz the line at the church was super long) to kiss 'Papa Jesus' feet. 

May 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Went home to Iloilo to spend quality time with the family. It might be the last time il see my cousin Ne'Yan and her family Jun and Kei before they move permanently to Canada this june.

Visited Baby Lance Maverick in the hospital straight from the airport. Super cute and tiny!!

My daily ritual for the whole week was sleep half of the day, eat indian mangos, peanuts and balot with the twins Dai and Dyan around 4pm then bond with the kids Kei, Bea, Marc and Pete all night long. 
Laidback. Relax. Fun.

Laser lights plus the kids dancing to Shakira. 
Laughtrip Overload.

Dai & Ching
Ne'Yan & Jun