February 14, 2011

Just got lucky

12 Feb 2011 ; City Alive 2011 ; Pit Building

Philippine AllStars emerged to be the winner of TriCrew Best of Asia Finals (street dance championship that provides 3-person dance crew with opportunities to showcase the artistry and technique of Street dance). Makes me super Proud to be Pinoy. 

After the street dance competition, the 'party' turned out to be a bit boring, good thing a group of really great and gorgeous dancers started a Dance Off. It was sooo fun watching them. I took a few video clips of their awesomeness but its with Abby. Il bug her to upload it. 

Then comes the announcement of the Lucky Draw winners. 4677 is the lucky ticket number and Haydz Ruiz is the luckiest ticket holder. She will be going to JAPAN (5D4N), for FREE!!! How awesome can that be?! We were all ecstatic and overjoyed!!

The Girl of the Night

Coffee Club to celebrate Haydz' win. And continue our never ending talkshow.

Look Post

I am soo proud of myself for enduring to stand/dance on these clogs for more than 3 hours STRAIGHT!!!

F21 Shorts and Top, Zara Bag, SG Brand Clogs

Abby and Eco's COOL shoes

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