February 9, 2011

Hey Stefan

I have always been attracted to bad boys but not this time. I am Team Stefan. Yes, I do like Damon and his irresistible wit but just like Elena, my heart belongs to his brother.

I once asked my best-bud Haydz the reason why she doesn't like Stefan (well, aside from the fact that she and Abby doesn't find him attractive at all), she said its because the character is unrealistic, too good to be true. 

After watching how Stefan looked after Caroline (who is currently my next favorite vampire), I realized that what Haydz said is the  exact reason why I adore Stefan. I do and I still believe that there is someone as genuine and as kind hearted as he is...
Somewhere out there


  1. ok. I get why u guys love Damon. no question about it. I just love Stefan more. thats just how I am.

  2. hey you! thanks for taking your time to express what you feel about me, just don't make me the center of your world ok?! :))