December 14, 2011

About Me

Its been almost three years since i posted this on my multiply site and im reposting it to check what changed.

1. MUSIC is my drug. I love all sorts of music but i listen more to non-mainstream songs (ayoko na pag sikat na). -- still on a high! 

2. I love reality shows. From American Idol and Amazing Race to Laguna Beach, The Hills, The City. -- not anymore. im more addicted to fashion blogs now.

3. I love BROMANCEs! Im fascinated by the bond between guys and hate the girl(s) that will come in between. one of my super fave movie of all time is SLEEPERS. I love Dawson and Pacey, McDreamy and McSteamy, Nate and Chuck. I love Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Most of all, my cousin Dodz and his BFF Marvin (they have been friends since they were 3 and the bond is still as strong as ever.) -- Stefan and Damon. Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. and ohmigaaaawd - the boys of Entourage!!! they defined the true meaning Bromance!! 

4. My current boy addiction: Billy Crawford. I love how he owns the dance floor and the way he speaks french. -- i wouldn't say addicted anymore but i am still very fascinated with the relationship he has with Nikki. 

5. Im not a fan of Brad Pitt but i LOVE most of his movies. Make sense?  -- True Story

6. I don't like Tom Cruise. I think he is overrated! (Tom Cruise Fanatics, dont hate me for this! Haha!)  -- Still not a fan! Sorry!

7. Im a zombie in the morning. Im NOT a morning person! AT ALL! -- Still hate waking up early in the morning but i have learned to appreciate it. 

8. I hate planning. I live by TODAY. -- maybe. maybe not anymore. 

9. Im attracted to "bad boys"... i believe there is someone hidden beneath the "kaastigan" ... and besides, its so cute to watch bad boys fall head over heels in love.  -- actually keribels na, wag na ako choosy. hahaha.

10. I can sit in front of my laptop for the entire day and never run out of stuff to do on it. (Ohhh... a good internet connection is a must!)  -- thanks to all the TV series that occupies my life! haha!

11. #10 is the first reason why i enrolled in the gym. To have a life away from my laptop. -- uhmmmm! i QUIT after a few months! BOO!!!

12. I hate texting. Id rather call but because my minutes are intolerable, im trying to learn the art of texting. -- not that i hate texting but its more like i ALWAYS forget to reply. especially FB private messages. whatsapp me instead. :p

13. I love my iPhone. (despite the negative feedbacks I've been hearing) -- still very inlavey!! BEST phone ever!!

14. I dont get in touch with old friends that often but it doesn't mean i dont care. Thats why i love reunions. Its my reality index that time and distance makes it sweeter and stronger. -- FB saved the day! and Twitter!

15. I eat like im one of the boys. My appetite is unbelievable but i always claim to be on a diet! -- opppps!

16. When i shop, I SHOP! When im "nagkukuripot", im uber KURIPOT! -- i am kuripot now. believe me. i have to be. 

17. Im a sleepyhead. -- sleep all day. that i can do. 

18. I quit smoking. For Papa. -- a proud non smoker!

19. I have low tolerance in PAIN and ALCOHOL. -- not soo sure with alcohol, improved just a lil bit?

20. I love adventure. To know the unknown and see the unseen. -- why did i even write '
see the unseen'? hahaha! that is sooo NOT me!!!

21. Im a drama queen. I cry easily. I laugh easily. I get scared easily. I wallow a lot. -- hahaha! what do u think?

22. I love my ALONE time. I love shopping by myself. I love eating alone. I will watch COLDPLAY alone and enjoy SUPERB music and Chris Martin. Its even my dream to travel alone but im holding that thought until i get myself a DSLR Camera. -- i have my camera for three years now and still havent dared to travel alone. budget constraints. haaah.

23. Im proud of my CLAN. Familia Calisura. Im proud of what we were before and what we have grown to be. Its the TIE that BONDs. -- i love my family forever!!

24. Im a PAPA's girl. Thats why its been extremely hard. It still is... - i miss you papa ko!!

25. I will do ANYTHING for my MOM. - my mama is the best!!

and one more thing to add to the list:

26. im soo lazy. LAZIER than ever. 

so did i? change? 

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