August 26, 2011

Jamie Hince & Kate Moss

1 July 2011
'Today' is my usual 'Friday SLIDE' early morning and sleep seems nowhere near me, i finally took time to post Kate Moss' wedding pictures. I've been planning to post this for weeks now but i was swamped with work. Better late than later. Photos from Vogue

Ohhh how i love all the pale colors!! 
It just makes it all the more romantic, right? 
And just look at her? She looks as ravishing as ever!!

Matrons of Honor
Paul and Stella Maccartney

Dress by Galliano

Congratulations Kate!!
You will always be (one of ) my KATE ambition!!


  1. Gosh, I just LOVE all of these photos! Such a stunning, dreamy affair!

  2. if only we could all be that chic... sigh..
    you have a wonderful blog.
    i will visit again!