July 27, 2011


A very random weekend getaway to Bintan Indonesia. I was on a night shift the night before soo i went straight to the terminal around 11am with no sleep. 

Arrived in Bintan around 2pm and bumped into my dear friends Marcky and Boo. Havent seen Boo for the longest time. Too bad they are on their way back to SG by the time we arrived. 

We got 2 connecting rooms which was awesome coz it makes me feel less of a 'third wheel' or should i say 'fifth wheel'! Haha!

Plus the view from our veranda was awesome. Golf course and the beach. 

As soon as we arrived, we have a late and expensive lunch by the pool side. 

Pic by LA
We spend the rest of the day enjoying the pool over a cocktail drink and cheering to LA & Eco's pool basketball games

Pool closed at 6pm (I know right?!) soo decided to check the cocktail party hosted by the resort then had buffet dinner then alcohol session in our room. We finished a bottle of tequila with only water as chaser. (Haah. I really do think my alcohol tolerance have improved drastically this past year.) We were having sooo much fun that we didn't realize we were too noisy and that the next room have to call security to warn us. Such a kill joy but party didn't end there, we had some 'issues' to resolve so we talked and laughed and 'argued' until our batteries went dead.  

Woke up early the next day to have our free breakfast buffet, take a dip at the pool, drink a can of beer then check out of the hotel.

Went to Pasar Oleh Oleh for lunch, an 'airy' one hour massage and a pasalubong shopping before heading back to the ferry terminal and back to reality.

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